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Papers published by Prof. Dr. Yoshiyuki Hirano:

Reduced Brain Activation in Response to Social Cognition Tasks in Autism Spectrum Disorder with and without Depression

Ohtani T, Matsuo K, Sutoh C, Oshima F, Hirano Y, Wakabayashi A, Shimizu E

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2021, 17:3015-3024

Published Date: 28 September 2021

Neuropsychological Comparison Between Patients with Social Anxiety and Healthy Controls: Weak Central Coherence and Visual Scanning Deficit

Okawa S, Hamatani S, Hayashi Y, Arai H, Nihei M, Yoshida T, Takahashi J, Shimizu E, Hirano Y

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2020, 16:2849-2855

Published Date: 25 November 2020

Feasibility of cognitive remediation therapy for adults with autism spectrum disorders: a single-group pilot study

Okuda T, Asano K, Numata N, Hirano Y, Yamamoto T, Tanaka M, Matsuzawa D, Shimizu E, Iyo M, Nakazato M

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2017, 13:2185-2191

Published Date: 16 August 2017

Factor structure, reliability, and validity of the Japanese version of the Hoarding Rating Scale-Self-Report (HRS-SR-J)

Tsuchiyagaito A, Horiuchi S, Igarashi T, Kawanori Y, Hirano Y, Yabe H, Nakagawa A

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2017, 13:1235-1243

Published Date: 9 May 2017