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Papers published by Prof. Dr. Claudia M. Witt:

Using the framework of corporate culture in “mergers” to support the development of a cultural basis for integrative medicine – guidance for building an integrative medicine department or service

Witt CM, Pérard M, Berman B, Berman S, Birdsall TC, Defren H, Kümmel S, Deng G, Dobos G, Drexler A, Holmberg C, Horneber M, Jütte R, Knutson L, Kummer C, Volpers S, Schweiger D

Patient Preference and Adherence 2015, 9:113-120

Published Date: 19 January 2015

Effects and feasibility of an Integrative Medicine program for geriatric patients– a cluster-randomized pilot study

Teut M, Schnabel K, Baur R, Kerckhoff A, Reese F, Pilgram N, Berger F, Luedtke R, Witt CM

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2013, 8:953-961

Published Date: 22 July 2013

Anthroposophic therapy for attention deficit hyperactivity: A two-year prospective study in outpatients

Harald J Hamre, Claudia M Witt, Gunver S Kienle, et al

International Journal of General Medicine 2010, 3:239-253

Published Date: 17 August 2010