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Papers published by Dr Xueling Wang:

Dexamethasone-loaded injectable silk-polyethylene glycol hydrogel alleviates cisplatin-induced ototoxicity

Chen Y, Gu J, Liu J, Tong L, Shi F, Wang X, Wang X, Yu D, Wu H

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2019, 14:4211-4227

Published Date: 6 June 2019

Factors associated with the efficiency of hearing aids for patients with age-related hearing loss

Wu X, Ren Y, Wang Q, Li B, Wu H, Huang Z, Wang X

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2019, 14:485-492

Published Date: 26 February 2019

A666-conjugated nanoparticles target prestin of outer hair cells preventing cisplatin-induced hearing loss

Wang XL, Chen YM, Tao Y, Gao YG, Yu DH, Wu H

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2018, 13:7517-7531

Published Date: 14 November 2018