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Papers published by Dr Vaidehi S Dedania:

Endophthalmitis, Visual Outcomes, and Management Strategies in Eyes with Intraocular Foreign Bodies

Keil JM, Zhao PY, Durrani AF, Azzouz L, Huvard MJ, Dedania VS, Zacks DN

Clinical Ophthalmology 2022, 16:1401-1411

Published Date: 3 May 2022

Risk Factors for Endophthalmitis Following Open Globe Injuries: A 17-Year Analysis

Durrani AF, Zhao PY, Zhou Y, Huvard M, Azzouz L, Keil JM, Armenti ST, Dedania VS, Musch DC, Zacks DN

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:2077-2087

Published Date: 18 May 2021

Current perspectives on ranibizumab

Dedania VS, Bakri SJ

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:533-542

Published Date: 20 March 2015