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Papers published by Mrs Margarita Udall:

A Large Cross-Sectional Survey Study of the Prevalence of Alopecia Areata in the United States

Benigno M, Anastassopoulos KP, Mostaghimi A, Udall M, Daniel SR, Cappelleri JC, Chander P, Wahl PM, Lapthorn J, Kauffman L, Chen L, Peeva E

Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology 2020, 13:259-266

Published Date: 1 April 2020

Patient and economic burdens of postherpetic neuralgia in China

Yu SY, Fan BF, Yang F, DiBonaventura M, Chen YX, Li RY, King-Concialdi K, Kudel I, Hlavacek P, Hopps M, Udall M, Sadosky A, Cappelleri JC

ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research 2019, 11:539-550

Published Date: 3 September 2019

Epidemiology of physician-diagnosed neuropathic pain in Brazil

Udall M, Kudel I, Cappelleri JC, Sadosky A, King-Concialdi K, Parsons B, Hlavacek P, Hopps M, Salomon PA, DiBonventura MD, Clark P, Santos Garcia JB

Journal of Pain Research 2019, 12:243-253

Published Date: 7 January 2019

Progression of fibromyalgia: results from a 2-year observational fibromyalgia and chronic pain study in the US

Adams EH, McElroy HJ, Udall M, Masters ET, Mann RM, Schaefer CP, Cappelleri JC, Clair AG, Hopps M, Daniel SR, Mease P, Silverman SL, Staud R

Journal of Pain Research 2016, 9:325-336

Published Date: 1 June 2016