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Papers published by Professor Filomena Carnide:

Effect of 6-month community-based exercise interventions on gait and functional fitness of an older population: a quasi-experimental study

Ramalho F, Santos-Rocha R, Branco M, Moniz-Pereira V, André HI, Veloso AP, Carnide F

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2018, 13:595-606

Published Date: 6 April 2018

Calf-raise senior: a new test for assessment of plantar flexor muscle strength in older adults: protocol, validity, and reliability

André HI, Carnide F, Borja E, Ramalho F, Santos-Rocha R, Veloso AP

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2016, 11:1661-1674

Published Date: 15 November 2016