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Papers published by Dr George Waring IV:

Refractive Accuracy of Barrett True-K vs Intraoperative Aberrometry for IOL Power Calculation in Post-Corneal Refractive Surgery Eyes

Gouvea L, Sioufi K, Brown CE, Waring IV G, Chamon W, Rocha KM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:4305-4315

Published Date: 27 October 2021

Presbyopia Treatments by Mechanism of Action: A New Classification System Based on a Review of the Literature

Chang DH, Waring GO 4th, Hom M, Barnett M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2021, 15:3733-3745

Published Date: 6 September 2021

Comparison of Biometry Measurements Using Standard Partial Coherence Interferometry versus New Scheimpflug Tomography with Integrated Axial Length Capability

Haddad JS, Barnwell E, Rocha KM, Ambrosio Jr R, Waring IV GO

Clinical Ophthalmology 2020, 14:353-358

Published Date: 4 February 2020

Objective assessment of optical quality in dry eye disease using a double-pass imaging system

Gouvea L, Waring GO IV, Brundrett A, Crouse M, Rocha KM

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:1991-1996

Published Date: 9 October 2019

Lens anatomy parameters with intraoperative spectral-domain optical coherence tomography in cataractous eyes

Haddad JS, Rocha KM, Yeh K, Waring GO IV

Clinical Ophthalmology 2019, 13:253-260

Published Date: 4 February 2019

Small-aperture corneal inlay in patients with prior radial keratotomy surgeries

Huseynova T, Kanamori T, Waring GO IV, Tomita M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2013, 7:1937-1940

Published Date: 26 September 2013

Small-aperture corneal inlay in presbyopic patients with prior phakic intraocular lens implantation surgery: 3-month results

Huseynova T, Kanamori T, Waring GO IV, Tomita M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2013, 7:1683-1686

Published Date: 22 August 2013