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Papers published by Professor Stéphane Adam:

Influence of environmental factors on food intake among nursing home residents: a survey combined with a video approach

Buckinx F, Reginster J, Morelle A, Paquot N, Labeye N, Locquet M, Adam S, Bruyère O

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2017, 12:1055-1064

Published Date: 4 July 2017

Ageism in Belgium and Burundi: a comparative analysis

Marquet M, Missotten P, Schroyen S, Nindaba D, Adam S

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2016, 11:1129-1139

Published Date: 24 August 2016

Ageism and its clinical impact in oncogeriatry: state of knowledge and therapeutic leads

Schroyen S, Adam S, Jerusalem G, Missotten P

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2015, 10:117-125

Published Date: 31 December 2014

Neuropsychiatric Inventory data in a Belgian sample of elderly persons with and without dementia

Squelard GP, Missotten PA, Paquay L, De Lepeleire J, Buntinx FJ, Fontaine O, Adam SR, Ylieff MJ

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2012, 7:423-430

Published Date: 17 October 2012