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Papers published by Prof. Dr. Osamu Mimura:

Rapid recovery of vision following early intervention with fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for optic nerve sheath meningioma

Inoue T, Okuno Y, Nishiguchi I, Ikenaga K, Mimura O

International Medical Case Reports Journal 2018, 11:17-22

Published Date: 30 January 2018

Surgical effects of nasal transposition of inferior rectus muscle – 135 cases of acquired superior oblique palsy

Okamoto M, Kimura A, Masuda A, Mimura O

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:691-695

Published Date: 18 April 2015

A study of static, kinetic, and dynamic visual acuity in 102 Japanese professional baseball players

Hoshina K, Tagami Y, Mimura O, Edagawa H, Matsubara M, Nakayama T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2013, 7:627-632

Published Date: 26 March 2013

Fish tail resection for treating congenital entropion in Asians

Nakauchi K, Mimura O.

Clinical Ophthalmology 2012, 6:831-836

Published Date: 31 May 2012