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Papers published by Dr Masayuki Yasuda:

The effect of intravitreal bevacizumab on ocular blood flow in diabetic retinopathy and branch retinal vein occlusion as measured by laser speckle flowgraphy

Nitta F, Kunikata H, Aizawa N, Omodaka K, Shiga Y, Yasuda M, Nakazawa T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1119-1127

Published Date: 11 June 2014

Association between optic nerve blood flow and objective examinations in glaucoma patients with generalized enlargement disc type

Chiba N, Omodaka K, Yokoyama Y, Aizawa N, Tsuda S, Yasuda M, Otomo T, Yokokura S, Fuse N, Nakazawa T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2011, 5:1549-1556

Published Date: 28 October 2011

Reproducibility of retinal circulation measurements obtained using laser speckle flowgraphy-NAVI in patients with glaucoma

Aizawa N, Yokoyama Y, Chiba N, Omodaka K, Yasuda M, Otomo T, Nakamura M, Fuse N, Nakazawa T

Clinical Ophthalmology 2011, 5:1171-1176

Published Date: 19 August 2011