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Reports in Parasitology


Archive: Volume 5, 2016

Experimental human hookworm infection: therapeutic potential

Gaze ST

Reports in Parasitology 2016, 5:35-41

Published Date: 12 August 2016

Strongyloides stercoralis: current perspectives

Varatharajalu R, Rao KV

Reports in Parasitology 2016, 5:23-33

Published Date: 23 May 2016

Incomplete reversal of genotypic resistance of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine after a decade of change in malaria treatment policy in Uganda

Ocan M, Katabazi FA, Kigozi E, Bwanga F, Kyobe S, Ogwal-Okeng J, Obua C

Reports in Parasitology 2016, 5:15-22

Published Date: 5 May 2016

Mosquito-borne diseases in Europe: an emerging public health threat

Calzolari M

Reports in Parasitology 2016, 5:1-12

Published Date: 19 February 2016