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Dr Kent Rondeau

Dr Kent Rondeau

Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management, School of Business, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Although Dr. Kent Rondeau's graduate academic preparations are strongly concentrated in the fields of organizational behaviour and theory, his research interests focus on better understanding of the seminal contribution that human resources play in creating high performance health care organizations and health systems. He employs a broad array of methodological approaches in his research, although many others utilize survey methods and quantitative analysis. Most of his research studies focus on exploring how organizational and health system performances can be enhanced through the effective management and development of people at work.

Dr. Kent Rondeau's research has been widely published and has been presented at many national and international conferences. He consults with a number of key stakeholders and health policy makers, including Health Canada. Dr. Rondeau holds a doctorate in community health from the University of Toronto.

On January 1, 2017 Dr. Rondeau moved his academic appointment from the School of Public Health to the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta. 

Updated 19 March 2024