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Dr Kattesh V Katti

Dr Kattesh V Katti

Dr. Kattesh V. Katti is globally recognized as the 'Father of Green Nanotechnology' which has implications in oncology, antibiotics and antivirals. He received a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He is the recipient of the prestigious Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship for his postdoctoral research at the University of Gottingen, Germany. He is currently a distinguished Curators’ Professor of Radiology, Director, Institute of Green Nanotechnology, within the Medical School, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA.

Over the last three decades, he is actively involved in research within the interconnecting fields of — chemistry, radiopharmaceutical sciences, nanotechnology/green nanotechnology and nanomedicine — for biomedical applications, specifically for molecular imaging and therapy of living subjects. He is an inventor of a new medical modality called as 'Nano-Ayurvedic Medicine' — a new medical modality which he has discovered by the application of Green Nanotechnology to Ayurvedic-Holistic Medicine. The US Patents and Trademarks office has approved the use of 'Nano-Ayurvedic Medicine' name in the products of this new medical modality. Several cancer therapy products, antiviral agents and antibiotics, discovered by him are currently used in treating human patients.

He has been awarded a number of international awards, recognitions and citations, which include: United Nations/IAEA’s Global Expert in 'Green Nanotechnology', 'Person of the Year in Science', International Hevesy Medal Award, one of the '25 Most Influential Scientists In Molecular Imaging in the World' award by RT Image, 'Father of Green Nanotechnology' citation by the Nobel Prize Winner Norman Borlaug and has been bestowed with the Gauss Professorship—Hall of Fame—from the Gottingen Academy of Sciences. Dr. Katti is the first immigrant American to win the 'Outstanding Missourian Award' — the highest civilian award from the Governor of the State of Missouri. He is an elected fellow of the National Academy of Inventors - recognizing the discovery of 'Katti Peptides' — a group of peptides used in biomedical sciences and nanomedicine product development. He is also an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and a Fellow of the St Louis Academy of Science (more awards and recognitions can be viewed at:

Updated 27 January 2023