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Prof. Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang

Prof. Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Pan-Chyr Yang

Dr Yang currently is the Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Dean of the National Taiwan University College of Medicine. His major research interests are pulmonary and critical care medicine, lung cancer genomics, translational research and microarray gene expression technology. He is awarded as member of Academia Sinica in 2006 because of his contributions in promoting the translational research in lung cancer. 

Dr Yang is a pioneer and leader in pulmonary ultrasound diagnostics and therapeutics that have revolutionized the management of pulmonary diseases. His research group developed the method for detection and quantification circulating cancer cells in peripheral blood and to better predict the prognosis and response to treatment for lung cancer patients. His research group has discovered novel genes and pathways that associated with lung cancer pathogenesis and progression. They identified specific gene expression and microRNA signatures that can assist to predict the treatment outcome and may be beneficial for personalized therapy of lung cancer patients.

Dr Yang currently is the program director of the National Research Program for Biopharmaceuticals. He leads the translational biomedical research team to develop a fully integrated biopharmaceutical pipeline and set up comprehensive translational research platform as well as the biotech incubation centers, with the aim to strengthen biotech industry value chain and accelerate commercialization of biomedical research in Taiwan.