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Dr Andrea Tinnirello

Dr Andrea Tinnirello

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, ASST Franciacorta, Ospedale di Iseo, Italy

Born in 1978 in Brescia, Italy he obtained his medical degree in 2003, along with a master’s degree in Chronic Pain Management from the University of Parma. Since completing a residency in anesthesiology and intensive care in 2007, Dr. Andrea Tinnirello has been involved in pain management, with a specific focus on minimal invasive techniques and interventional pain management procedures for chronic joint and spinal pain.

Dr. Tinnirello currently practices in Northern Italy in two public hospitals in Iseo and Chiari. As head of anesthesiology and pain management service, which treats over 2000 patients each year, he performs more than 200 minimally invasive treatments annually. Dr. Tinnirello is particularly involved in radiofrequency denervation techniques for chronic knee, hip, shoulder and lumbar pain using both ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance. He also currently trains residents and fellows at the University of Brescia anesthesiology residency program, and recently began teaching in their master’s degree program in Chronic Pain Management.

A member of the Italian National Anaesthesiology Society’s (SIAARTI) study group on acute and chronic pain, Dr. Tinnirello is helping in the development of national recommendations and guidelines on pain management. He has also published widely on international pain management in various peer reviewed medical journals, in addition to presenting on the topic at international meetings.

Updated 4 March 2024