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Open Access Surgery

ISSN: 1178-7082

Archive: Volume 4, 2011

New successful one-step surgical repair for apple peel atresia

Machmouchi M

Open Access Surgery 2011, 4:53-56

Published Date: 22 November 2011

Faster simulated laparoscopic cholecystectomy with haptic feedback technology

Yiasemidou M, Glassman D, Vasas P, Badiani S, Patel B

Open Access Surgery 2011, 4:39-44

Published Date: 4 October 2011

Cystic lymphatic malformation of the falciform ligament: a rare cause of abdominal mass

Abbas T, Ismail A, Amir E

Open Access Surgery 2011, 4:35-37

Published Date: 22 September 2011

The implications for patients undergoing splenectomy: postsurgery risk management

Romano F, Garancini M, Ciravegna AL, Uggeri F, Degrate L, Maternini M, Uggeri F

Open Access Surgery 2011, 4:21-34

Published Date: 30 August 2011

Organ transplantation from deceased donors with cancer: is it safe?

Nalesnik MA, Ison MG

Open Access Surgery 2011, 4:11-20

Published Date: 11 August 2011

Changes in neutrophil activity following cardiovascular surgery

Meadows JP, Tumlin JA, Clemens MG, McKillop IH, Evans S

Open Access Surgery 2011, 4:1-9

Published Date: 22 June 2011