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Multivariate risk assessment and risk score cards in hypertension

Authors Giuliano Tocci, Valentina Valenti, Sebastiamo Sciarretta, Massimo Volpe

Published 15 July 2007 Volume 2007:3(3) Pages 313—320

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Giuliano Tocci1, Valentina Valenti1, Sebastiamo Sciarretta1, Massimo Volpe1,2

1Cardiology, II Faculty of Medicine, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Sant’Andrea Hospital, Rome; 2IRCCS Neuromed – Pozzilli (IS), Italy

Abstract: Cardiovascular disease represents the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Western countries, and hypertension-related cardiovascular events affect about 37 million people per year, worldwide. In this perspective, hypertensive patients are at increased risk to experience cardiovascular events during life-long period, and treatment of high blood pressure represents one of the most effective strategies to reduce global cardiovascular risk. However, due to its multifactorial pathophysiology and its frequent association with other relevant risk factors and clinical conditions, treatment of hypertension requires an integrated approach, including lifestyle measures, antihypertensive drugs and other therapies. Yet, worldwide general practitioners continue to focus their attention on the management of a single risk factor, eg, blood pressure, rather than to global cardiovascular risk profile. In this view, modern strategies of cardiovascular prevention in hypertensive patients should move from a single risk factor based approach toward a more comprehensive risk evaluation in the individual patient. In other words, it is important to define the global cardiovascular risk to manage hypertensive patients at high-risk, rather than to focus on the high level of a single risk factor, for reducing cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in the general population, as well as in hypertensive population.

Keywords: hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular prevention, global cardiovascular risk

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