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Current Biomarker Findings


Archive: Volume 2, 2012

Correlates of NNAL levels among nondaily and daily smokers in the college student population

Berg CJ, Schauer GL, Ahluwalia JS, Benowitz NL

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:87-94

Published Date: 16 October 2012

Biomarkers for early detection of acute kidney injury

Han WK

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:77-85

Published Date: 1 October 2012

Molecular biomarkers of glioblastoma: current targets and clinical implications

Yoshimoto K, Mizoguchi M, Hata N, Amano T, Nakamizo A, Sasaki T

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:63-76

Published Date: 4 September 2012

High sensitivity C-reactive protein: a biomarker for heart failure in children with univentricular heart disease

Lowenthal A, Natal-Hernandez L, Lowenthal S, Hills NK, Bernstein HS

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:57-62

Published Date: 29 August 2012

Current and emerging biomarkers of hepatotoxicity

Yang X, Salminen WF, Schnackenberg LK

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:43-55

Published Date: 24 August 2012

Biomarkers for osteoarthritis: investigation, identification, and prognosis

Zhai G, Aref Eshghi E

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:19-28

Published Date: 29 June 2012

Biomarkers for the targeted therapies of non-small cell lung cancer

Rossi A, Galetta D

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:7-17

Published Date: 3 May 2012

CCL3L1 gene copy number in individuals with and without HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder

Brown A, Sacktor N, Marder K, Cohen B, Schifitto G, Skolasky RL, Creighton J, Guo L, McArthur JC

Current Biomarker Findings 2012, 2:1-6

Published Date: 9 January 2012