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Papers published by Professor William Romoser:

Rift Valley fever virus-infected mosquito ova and associated pathology: possible implications for endemic maintenance

Romoser WS, Oviedo MN, Lerdthusnee K, Patrican LA, Turell MJ, Dohm DJ, Linthicum KJ, Bailey CL

Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine 2011, 2:121-127

Published Date: 19 September 2011

Function of the dendritic setae in Aedes aegypti mosquito pupae: float hairs don't float

William S Romoser, Marco V Neira Oviedo

Open Access Insect Physiology 2011, 3:7-11

Published Date: 16 March 2011

Meconial peritrophic matrix and meconial degradation in the biting midge, Culicoides variipennis (Coquillett) (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Luis Renato León Villalba, William S Romoser, Lisa Patrican

Open Access Insect Physiology 2011, 3:1-6

Published Date: 10 February 2011