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Papers published by Professor Ahmed Emarah:

Correlation between penile cavernosal artery blood flow and retinal vascular findings in arteriogenic erectile dysfunction

Ahmed M Emarah, Shawky M El-Haggar, Ihab A Osman, et al

Clinical Ophthalmology 2010, 4:1047-1051

Published Date: 17 September 2010

Predictability and stability of refraction with increasing optical zone diameter in hyperopic LASIK

Mostafa A El-Helw, Ahmed M Emarah

Clinical Ophthalmology 2010, 4:455-458

Published Date: 11 May 2010

Comparison of clear lens extraction and collamer lens implantation in high myopia

Ahmed M Emarah, Mostafa A El-Helw, Hazem M Yassin

Clinical Ophthalmology 2010, 4:447-454

Published Date: 10 May 2010