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Papers published by Dr Animesh Jindal:

An outbreak of Ralstonia pickettii endophthalmitis following intravitreal methotrexate injection

Choudhury H, Jindal A, Pathengay A, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:1117-1120

Published Date: 23 June 2015

Microbiologic spectrum and susceptibility of isolates in delayed post-cataract surgery endophthalmitis

Jindal A, Pathengay A, Jalali S, Mathai A, Pappuru RR, Narayanan R, Chhablani J, Sharma S, Das T, Flynn Jr HW

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:1077-1079

Published Date: 16 June 2015

Filamentous fungal endophthalmitis: results of combination therapy with intravitreal amphotericin B and voriconazole

Mithal K, Pathengay A, Bawdekar A, Jindal A, Vira D, Relhan N, Choudhury H, Gupta N, Gupta V, Koday NK, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2015, 9:649-655

Published Date: 13 April 2015

Acute-onset postoperative endophthalmitis caused by multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae

Sanghi S, Pathengay A, Jindal A, Raval V, Nayak S, Sharma S, Bawdekar A, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1783-1785

Published Date: 16 September 2014

Stenotrophomonas maltophilia endogenous endophthalmitis: clinical presentation, antibiotic susceptibility, and outcomes

Chhablani J, Sudhalkar A, Jindal A, Das T, Motukupally SR, Sharma S, Pathengay A, Flynn HW Jr

Clinical Ophthalmology 2014, 8:1523-1526

Published Date: 18 August 2014