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Papers published by Dr Rosa Dolz-Marco:

Oxidative stress and its downstream signaling in aging eyes

Pinazo-Durán MD, Gallego-Pinazo R, García-Medina JJ, Zanon-Moreno V, Nucci C, Dolz-Marco R, Martínez-Castillo S, Galbis-Estrada C, Marco-Ramirez C, Lopez-Gálvez MI, Galarreta DJ, Díaz-Llópis M

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2014, 9:637-652

Published Date: 11 April 2014

Macular laser photocoagulation guided by spectral-domain optical coherence tomography versus fluorescein angiography for diabetic macular edema

Gallego-Pinazo R, Suelves AM, Dolz-Marco R, Arevalo JF, Garcia-Delpech S, Mullor JL, Diaz-Llopis M

Clinical Ophthalmology 2011, 5:613-617

Published Date: 15 May 2011