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Papers published by Dr Jian Cheng:

Reversal of multidrug resistance by cisplatin-loaded magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles in A549/DDP lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Li K, Chen B, Xu L, Feng J, Xia G, Cheng J, Wang J, Gao F, Wang X

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2013, 8:1867-1877

Published Date: 9 May 2013

Biocompatibility of Fe3O4/DNR magnetic nanoparticles in the treatment of hematologic malignancies

Weiwei Wu, Baoan Chen, Jian Cheng, et al

International Journal of Nanomedicine 2010, 5:1079-1084

Published Date: 2 December 2010