Professor Hsiao-Chi Chuang


Professor Hsiao-Chi Chuang

Consulting Editor: Hsiao-Chi Chuang (PhD)

Assistant Professor, School of Respiratory Therapy, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Dr Hsiao-Chi Chuang is an Assistant Professor in School of Respiratory Therapy at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. He also has an appointment in Division of Pulmonary Medicine at Shuang Ho Hospital in Taiwan. Dr Hsiao-Chi Chuang was trained at prestigious institutions involved in state-of-the-art lung research for understanding the lung cellular and molecular responses to inhalation of environmental/occupational pollutants.

The overall aim of Dr Hsiao-Chi Chuang’s main research is to understand comprehensively how specific factors, such as free radicals, regulate cell signaling and protein and lipid metabolites during health and disease in the lung environment. In particular, he is elucidating the pathways leading from the interaction of such reactive oxygen species (ROS), through the intracellular signaling cascades, to the apoptotic activities. Specifically, his research interests are:

  • Integration between environmental/occupational stressors and respiratory disease;
  • Identification of biomarkers of pulmonary disease;
  • Pathophysiology of cardiopulmonary system.