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Open Access Medical Statistics

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Editor in Chief Dr Dongfeng Wu


Expert Opinion
Generating productive dialogue between consulting statisticians and their clients in the pharmaceutical and medical research settings
Emir B, Amaratunga D, Beltangady M, Cabrera J, Freeman R, Madigan D, Nguyen H, Whalen E
Open Access Medical Statistics 2013, 3:51-56
16 September 2013

Original Research
A Bayesian approach to the analysis of clinical trial data using logistic regression: example from a randomized placebo-controlled crossover trial of propranolol for migraine prevention
Dardis C, Moradiya Y, Eggers A
Open Access Medical Statistics 2013, 3:39-50
17 June 2013

Analysis of graded lesions in long-term carcinogenicity studies
Fry JS, Lee PN, Hamling JS
Open Access Medical Statistics 2013, 3:11-37
14 May 2013

Original Research
Group classification based on high-dimensional data: application to differential scanning calorimetry plasma thermogram analysis of cervical cancer and control samples
Rai SN, Pan J, Cambon A, Chaires JB, Garbett NC
Open Access Medical Statistics 2013, 3:1-9
17 April 2013