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Tigecycline: an evidence-based review of its antibacterial activity and effectiveness in complicated skin and soft tissue and intraabdominal infections

Authors Dunn CJ

Published 31 March 2006 Volume 2006:1-Issues 3 & 4(3)


Christopher J. Dunn

Catalyst Communications Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

Introduction: There is an urgent need for novel agents to manage serious bacterial infections, particularly those contracted in healthcare facilities. Tigecycline is a novel broad-spectrum glycylcycline with good activity against Gram-positive, many Gram-negative, anaerobic, and some atypical pathogens that has been developed to address this need.

Aims: To review the evidence for the use of tigecycline in serious and complicated skin and soft tissue and intraabdominal infections.

Evidence review: There is substantial evidence that tigecycline is as effective as vancomycin plus aztreonam in complicated skin and skin structure infections (SSSIs) and as effective as imipenem plus cilastatin in intraabdominal infections. Limited evidence shows effectiveness in patients with resistant Acinetobacter infection in an intensive care unit, and the possibility that the use of tigecycline may reduce length of hospital stay. The drug is well tolerated, with nausea and vomiting as the major adverse effects.

Outcomes summary: The introduction of tigecycline should be beneficial at a time of increasing problems with bacterial resistance, and evidence to date has been sufficient for regulatory approval for complicated SSSIs and intraabdominal infections. Research into tigecycline’s efficacy in other infectious diseases (notably pneumonia and bacteremia) is ongoing. Further good quality studies and ongoing surveillance for any emerging bacterial resistance will be needed to determine outcomes with tigecycline relative to other novel antibacterial agents, and to explore the economic implications of its adoption.

Key words: antibiotic resistance, bacterial infections, glycylcycline, nosocomial infections, review, tigecycline

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