Dr Pramod Sukumaran


Dr Pramod Sukumaran

Consulting Editor: Pramod Sukumaran (PhD)

Post-Doctoral fellow, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of North Dakota, USA

As a Post-Doctoral Research faculty in Department of Basic Science, University of North Dakota, USA, I am working on calcium signaling and TRP/ion channel biology. I completed my Ph.D. degree from Åbo Akademi University, Finland under the supervision of Prof. Kid Törnquist in Dept. of Bioscience, in February 2013.

For last 7 years I have been working in the calcium signaling and TRP/ion channel biology with more than 20 publication in the following field. I have been also working on various other projects related to autophagy process and calcium signaling in cellular functions, as part of my post-doctoral requirement.

As part of Ph.D I was working on the Thesis titled “The role of TRPC2 channels in thyroid function”. I completed my PhD thesis in four years, the main aim of the project was to investigate the importance of a novel type calcium channels TRPC2 in thyroid function. Among the seven different members of the TRPC, the TRPC2 channel, being a pseudogene in human, is perhaps the least investigated one .As part of the Ph.D. program I have been attending various courses on microscopy hence have a hand on experience on calcium imaging and confocal imaging. We have been also using various molecular and cellular techniques to support the studies in these cells. I also present my work in various countries like Germany, Sweden and Poland.

I also worked for more than two years as project assistant in National Institute of Oceanography in India, giving a better understanding of the ecosystem and environmental biology. Putting all the experiences from three different continents, I have made substantial contributions to Biology & Biochemistry through specialized research on cellular signaling.