Professor Simone Perna


Professor Simone Perna

Consulting Editor: Simone Perna (PhD)

Simone Perna is a tenured Adjunct Professor of nutritional therapy and body composition evaluation  in Department of Public Health, Experimental and Forensic Medicine, Unit of Human Nutrition at University of Pavia.

Initially, he trained as a Dietitian in Pavia and later he carried out a training in Stirling University in Scotland as a visiting student.

From 2010 he works as a Dietitian and Researcher in ASP Santa Margherita Hospital and then completed Phd in Human Nutrition and Public Health from University of Pavia.

His post doctoral training was focused on nutritional supplementation in elderly, sarcopenia,  osteoporosis and dementia prevention. He focuses a special interest in amino acids therapy to treat muscle loss and botanicals approaches in metabolic disease.

His research goals are to develop promising supplement interventions for sarcopenia, osteoporosis and malnutrition prevention in elderly and understanding the physiological mechanisms of action.