Migraine, treatment, comorbidities, and quality of life published by Dove Medical Press


The Journal of Pain Research has published the original research “Migraine: treatments, comorbidities, and quality of life, in the USA”.

As corresponding author Mr Christopher Malone says “Migraine headache is a painful chronic condition affecting millions of people in the United States. In our study, we endeavoured to better understand how migraine headaches impact the lives of migraineurs. We asked migraineurs about a variety of experiences such as the treatments they have tried, aspects of their medical and psychiatric history, and how migraines have impacted their life.”

Mr Malone continues “Our findings suggest that stress associated with migraine headaches must be understood as a multidimensional experience with broad impacts on an individual's social and personal life. This stress may also contribute to the development of other medical and psychological comorbidities leading to a cyclical negative relationship wherein stress is both a cause and effect of migraine headaches.”

As Dr. Michael E Schatman, Editor-in-Chief, explains “This study is noteworthy in that it provides readers with a unique perspective on quality of life issues associated with migraines - which have been largely underreported up to this point.”

Updated 4 September 2015