Frequently asked Questions for Peer Reviewers


Question: If I accidentally decline instead of accepting what do I do?
Answer: If you accidentally decline but wish to review the manuscript, please email DMP and we will be able to change this for you

Question: How long do I have to accept/decline your invitation?
Answer: A. One week (We send two reminders after the initial invitation, if you do not respond to any of these emails, your invitation will be automatically closed)

Question: I have clicked on the link but I cannot see the manuscript.
Answer: It may be that your invitation has closed if you have not replied in due time (see question above). Please contact Dove Medical Press (DMP) if you have any difficulties opening the link.

Question: I am unable to review, but I would like to recommend a colleague?
Answer: If you decline to review you will have the opportunity to refer a suggested reviewer(s) by adding their name, email address, and affiliation. These are sent to the Review Selection Editors, if they meet the criteria, we will be able to send them an invitation to peer review.

Question: Can I review the manuscript as I am a medical student?
Answer: If you are an expert in the field of study of the manuscript, you are eligible as long as you have been sent an invitation

Question: Do I need a password?
Answer: No, you do not require a password. You should be able to access the manuscript by clicking on the link provided in the invitation email.

Question: How long do I have to complete my review?
Answer: Reviewers are given 10 days to complete the review.

Question: I do not have time to complete the entire form, can I still review?
Answer: In order to process papers as thoroughly, fairly and rapidly as possible we ask the reviewer to complete the entire evaluation form. If you are unable to do so, please decline the invitation to review

Question: Can I send an annotated copy of the manuscript for my review?
Answer: No, peer review comments can only be accepted via our Peer Review evaluation form, as this includes questions specific to the journal requirements. We are unable to accept downloaded manuscript files that you have annotated or modified in any way.

Question: Can I submit the review in another language besides English?
Answer: DMP only accepts reviews in English.

Question: I have completed the review, but I have not received my certificate yet, what do I do?
Answer: We do try to send out the certificates to the reviewers as quickly as possible, but if you haven’t received yours please email us and we will send this to you.

Question: I want to involve my junior colleague in my review of a paper. Is this allowed?
Answer: Information regarding the identity of the authors and the content of the manuscript is confidential. Before you accept the review please contact us directly, you will need to supply your colleagues full name and affiliation. Under no circumstances should you share this review with your colleagues, until you have received confirmation from us. Only one certificate is issued per review and this is assigned to the reviewer who received the invitation to review.

Question: Can the authors see my name?
Answer: All manuscripts submitted to DMP journals are subject to single anonymous peer review. Peer Review is anonymous; the authors do not see who reviewed their manuscript.

Question: Can I ask the authors a question?
Answer: DMP requires that peer reviewers do not contact authors directly.

Question: Can I ask the Editor in Chief a question?
Answer: Any comments added to the Confidential comments will only be seen by the Editor in Chief.

Question: Can I see the other reviewers’ comments?
Answer: When the paper has completed peer review you will be able to see other reviewer comments by logging in to you DMP account and selecting ‘Completed Reviews’ then clicking on ‘Other review comments’

Question: Can I get paid for being a reviewer?
Answer: Peer Review is voluntary. It is not a DMP policy to pay for this service

Question: Is DMP part of Web of Science researcher profiles? 
Answer: Yes DMP engages with Web of Science. At the end of the peer review evaluation you can select ‘add to Web of Science’.

Question: How are Peer Reviewers selected?
Answer: Our Review Selection Editors search, and invite reviewers that are in the same area of medicine and science as the author.

Question: How do I find out if the paper that I have reviewed has been published?
Answer: You can login DMP account and select ‘Completed reviews’ which will show the status of the manuscript or contact the editorial team.

Updated 24 August 2023