Data deposition and data sharing


Dove Medical Press encourages authors of original research articles to include a statement in their manuscript about where data supporting the results reported in an article can be found and about data sharing including, where applicable, links to the publicly archived datasets. The statement of data availability should explain which additional unpublished data from the study, if any, are available, to whom, and how these can be obtained. These datasets can also be cited in the reference list and this is particularly encouraged when the datasets have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). In cases where authors do not wish to share their data or are unable to do so, they should state that data will not be shared and the reasons why.

The authors are also encouraged to deposit their dataset in a data repository such as Dryad or figshare. Dryad provides authors with a DOI for the dataset to aid citation and provide a permanent link to the data. Note that Dryad hosts data using a CC0 license so authors should check that this is suitable for the data that they are depositing.

A non-exhaustive list of repositories for research data is available on the DataCite organization website.

A list of research funders that mandate data sharing is available here.

Updated 19 September 2017