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Gait and Balance Disorder in Patients with Transient Ischemic Attack or Minor Stroke [Corrigendum]

Authors Li N , Li J, Gao T, Wang D , Du Y, Zhao X 

Received 14 June 2022

Accepted for publication 14 June 2022

Published 27 June 2022 Volume 2022:18 Pages 1269—1270


Li N, Li J, Gao T, Wang D, Du Y, Zhao X. Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2021;17:305–314.

The authors have advised that the r value of intravenous thrombolysis in correlation with the Tandem scale in Table 4 and Table S2 is incorrect.

Page 312, Table 4, Tandem column, Intravenous thrombolysis row, r value, the text “-0.245” should read “0.245”.

Supplementary material, Table S2, Tandem column, Intravenous thrombolysis row, r value, the text “-0.245” should read “0.245”.

The authors would also like to add an additional note for Intravenous thrombolysis in the Notes section of Table 5 to help readers comprehend it better.

Page 312, Table 5, First column, the text “Intravenous thrombolysis” should read “Intravenous thrombolysisc”. The updated note section should read as follows.

Notes: aOrdinal regression was used in Tandem test; bLinear regression was used in TUG test. cIntravenous thrombolysis patients are considered as the reference in regression. P value adjusted for: age, female, medication use ≥4 kinds, Inferior vision, FTSST, MMSE score, K-CRP, intravenous thrombolysis, atherosclerosis in lower limbs.

The authors apologize for these errors and advise they do not affect the results of the paper.

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