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Save up to 30% off article processing fees and benefit from bespoke tracking tools. Check out our Membership Program details to see which plan is right for your organization.

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Want to talk in more detail about your institution's needs? Or have general questions about our services and journals?

Drop Jenny Dalton an email at jennydalton@dovepress.com or complete the response form.

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When you sign up for a membership, you get:

  • Up to 30% off immediate open access article processing fees, plus;
  • Up to 3 additional publishing opportunities at no additional cost;
  • Support for funder compliance;
  • Consolidated financial tracking;
  • Tracking for articles published by your organization;
  • Detailed metrics for each article;
  • Support for local IRs;
  • Communication support for author promotion. 

We look forward to helping you stretch your resources, and to helping you support as many researchers as possible. 

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Dove Medical Press specializes in rapid, responsive and high-quality open access publishing. Our collection includes 90+ peer-reviewed open access journals across science, technology and medicine.

Dove Medical is a member of OASPA, COPE, HINARI and other leading professional organizations.

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