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Call for papers: Thematic series "Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision" in Eye and Brain

Victoria Ship on March 24, 2018 at 2:56 am

Dove Medical Press is pleased to invite you to submit your work to an upcoming Thematic Series on "Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision" in our Eye and Brain journal. The series covers the diagnosis, impact and management strategy of the vision-related consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

We're offering a 25% APC discount papers submitted before 25th September 2018. To claim this, make sure you use the promo code "EBTS" to indicate that your manuscript should be considered for the "Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision" Thematic Series.

About the Thematic Series
TBI can cause a wide variety of visual disorders including but not limited to vertigo, saccadic impairments, pupillary abnormalities, light sensitivity and double vision. With more than 75% of TBI patients experiencing short- and/or long-term visual consequences, it is no surprise that this field has sparked interest in the research community.

We are seeking submissions of original research (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), in-depth reviews, opinions and debates offering novel insights that will help improve the diagnostic and management strategies of visual disorders resulting from TBI. Please submit your work directly to the Eye and Brain journal by 25th September, stating in your cover letter that your manuscript is to be considered for the Thematic Series on “Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision”, and use the promo code EBTS to claim your 25% APC discount.

Please email Vicky Ship, Assistant Journal Development Editor, with any enquiries prior to submission.

Reasons to Publish in Eye and Brain

·        Indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central and ESCI

·        Rigorous peer review process

·        Expert Editorial Board Members

·        International, open access journal

·        Quick turnover times, averaging 20 business days from submission to first editorial decision and 23 business days from editorial acceptance to publication

Eye and Brain is published by Dove Medical Press (part of the Taylor & Francis Group). Professor Margaret Wong-Riley is Editor-in-Chief.

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