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Papers published by Dr Weily Soong:

Health-Related Quality of Life and Productivity Among US Patients with Severe Asthma

Soong W, Chipps BE, O'Quinn S, Trevor J, Carr WW, Belton L, Trudo F, Ambrose CS

Journal of Asthma and Allergy 2021, 14:713-725

Published Date: 25 June 2021

The CHRONICLE Study of US Adults with Subspecialist-Treated Severe Asthma: Objectives, Design, and Initial Results

Ambrose CS, Chipps BE, Moore WC, Soong W, Trevor J, Ledford DK, Carr WW, Lugogo N, Trudo F, Tran TN, Panettieri RA Jr

Pragmatic and Observational Research 2020, 11:77-90

Published Date: 16 July 2020