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Papers published by Dr Ikuo Otsuka:

Association of Two Variable Number of Tandem Repeats in the Monoamine Oxidase A Gene Promoter with Schizophrenia

Tanifuji T, Okazaki S, Otsuka I, Horai T, Shinko Y, Kim S, Sora I, Hishimoto A

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2021, 17:3315-3323

Published Date: 11 November 2021

Rare compound heterozygous missense SPATA7 variations and risk of schizophrenia; whole-exome sequencing in a consanguineous family with affected siblings, follow-up sequencing and a case-control study

Igeta H, Watanabe Y, Morikawa R, Ikeda M, Otsuka I, Hoya S, Koizumi M, Egawa J, Hishimoto A, Iwata N, Someya T

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2019, 15:2353-2363

Published Date: 19 August 2019

Association study of MIF promoter polymorphisms with suicide completers in the Japanese population

Shimmyo N, Hishimoto A, Otsuka I, Okazaki S, Boku S, Mouri K, Horai T, Takahashi M, Ueno Y, Shirakawa O, Sora I

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2017, 13:899-908

Published Date: 22 March 2017

Association analysis of the Cadherin13 gene with schizophrenia in the Japanese population

Otsuka I, Watanabe Y, Hishimoto A, Boku S, Mouri K, Shiroiwa K, Okazaki S, Nunokawa A, Shirakawa O, Someya T, Sora I

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2015, 11:1381-1393

Published Date: 2 June 2015