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Papers published by Professor Ewelina Bąk:

Kinesiophobia in Elderly Polish Patients After Ischemic Stroke, Including Frailty Syndrome

Bąk E, Młynarska A, Marcisz C, Kadłubowska M, Marcisz-Dyla E, Sternal D, Młynarski R, Krzemińska S

Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 2022, 18:707-715

Published Date: 31 March 2022

Psychometric Properties of the Polish Version of the Diabetes Distress Scale (DDS)

Krzemińska S, Bąk E

Psychology Research and Behavior Management 2021, 14:1149-1156

Published Date: 3 August 2021

Comparison of Diabetes-Dependent Quality of Life (ADDQoL) in Patients with T2DM in Poland, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia

Krzemińska S, Bąk E, Šáteková L, Polanská A, Hašová K, Laurinc M

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy 2020, 13:3773-3786

Published Date: 19 October 2020

Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms in Patients with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Bąk E, Marcisz-Dyla E, Młynarska A, Sternal D, Kadłubowska M, Marcisz C

Patient Preference and Adherence 2020, 14:443-454

Published Date: 3 March 2020

Perception vs pain and beliefs about pain control and Type A behavior pattern in patients with chronic ischemia of lower extremities or with rheumatoid arthritis

Kadłubowska M, Bąk E, Marcisz Cz, Kózka M, Michalik A, Kolonko J, Krawczyk B, Dobrzyń-Matusiak D, Kapusta-Nowak Z

Journal of Pain Research 2018, 11:3051-3059

Published Date: 29 November 2018

Physical and mental health aspects of elderly in social care in Poland

Dobrzyn-Matusiak D, Marcisz C, Bąk E, Kulik H, Marcisz E

Clinical Interventions in Aging 2014, 9:1793-1802

Published Date: 21 October 2014

Quality of life in elderly patients following coronary artery bypass grafting

Bak E, Marcisz C

Patient Preference and Adherence 2014, 8:289-299

Published Date: 14 March 2014