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Papers published by Dr Hongguo Zhu:

Unveiling Dynamic Changes and Regulatory Mechanisms of T Cell Subsets in Sepsis Pathogenesis

Jiang C, Chen J, Sun T, Xu J, Zhu H, Chen J

ImmunoTargets and Therapy 2024, 13:29-44

Published Date: 1 February 2024

Parameters and Morphological Changes of Erythrocytes and Platelets of COVID-19 Subjects: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

Shen L, Chen L, Chi H, Luo L, Ruan J, Zhao X, Jiang Y, Tung TH, Zhu H, Zhou K, Shen B, Xu J

Infection and Drug Resistance 2023, 16:1657-1668

Published Date: 23 March 2023