FAQs for invited authors



Do I have to pay a fee for my invited review article?
No. As an invited review your manuscript will still need to pass our peer-review process and iThenticate plagiarism checking, but if successful we will publish it free of charge.

Can I collaborate with my colleagues to write the review?
You are most welcome to include colleagues in the preparation of the manuscript. They will need to be entered as co-authors within our system so that they can check the final manuscript, as all authors must agree with and approve the finished article before publication. A Review paper may have no more than 10 authors.

What if I don’t have time to write a review, but I know a colleague who would be interested?
You can recommend someone else to write the review. Please let us know their details and we will decide whether we would like to invite them.

What does your peer review process entail?
All manuscripts submitted to Dove Medical Press journals undergo single-blind peer review. An outline of this process is available on the peer review schematic. Authors may lodge an appeal against an editorial decision. They should send grounds for their appeal to [email protected] The appeal will be heard by the Editor-in-Chief in conjunction with one or more Editorial Board members or Associate Editors. The Editor-in-Chief's decision on the appeal will be final.

What is iThenticate?
Every effort is made to ensure publication ethics are upheld and all manuscripts published by Dove Medical Press undergo peer review and are put through the Crossref Similarity Check (powered by iThenticate) anti-plagiarism software.

Do I have to submit the review within the deadline stated in my invitation email?
The publication timescale given in the invitation email is a guide to when we would expect a manuscript to be ready. If you are interested in submitting a review, we will discuss and agree upon a more precise submission schedule with you.

What should I include in the review?
The working title of the review indicates the subject and scope of the topic to be addressed. We deliberately avoid providing a fixed structure to give authors the freedom to treat the topic as they see fit, though if you want to suggest an alteration to the general focus of the review, please raise this in your response to the invitation email. If you need more clarification on the scope of the review, please request this in your response to the invitation email. Suitable figures and tables to emphasize key aspects of the review are recommended.

Updated 27 March 2017