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Virus Adaptation and Treatment

Aims and Scope

Virus Adaptation and Treatment is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal focusing on the study of virology, viral adaptation and the development and use of antiviral drugs and vaccines to achieve improved outcomes in infection control and treatment. Specific topics covered in the journal include:

  • Epidemiology of viral spread and resistance
  • Mechanisms of viral adaptation
  • Identification of viral targets
  • Development of agents with novel mechanisms of action
  • Optimal clinical use of existing antivirals, including combination therapies
  • Techniques to enhance pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties
  • Vaccines and topical treatments
  • Diagnostics, early detection and monitoring
  • Patient adherence, quality of life, satisfaction
  • Health economics and public health policy

The journal welcomes submitted papers covering original research, basic science, clinical and epidemiological studies, reviews & evaluations, guidelines, expert opinion and commentary, case reports and extended reports.