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The influence of selective vitamin D receptor activator paricalcitol on cardiovascular system and cardiorenal protection

Authors Duplancic D, Cesarik M, Poljak NK, Radman M, Kovacic V, Radic J, Rogosic V

Published Date February 2013 Volume 2013:8 Pages 149—156


Received 20 September 2012, Accepted 2 November 2012, Published 11 February 2013

Darko Duplancic,1 Marijan Cesarik,2 Nikola Kolja Poljak,3 Maja Radman,4 Vedran Kovacic,5 Josipa Radic,5 Veljko Rogosic6

1Department of Cardiology, School of Medicine in Split, University Hospital Split, Split, Croatia; 2Department for Neurology, County General Hospital Pozega, Pozega, Croatia; 3Department of Otorhinolaryngology, 4Department of Endocrinology, 5Department of Nephrology, 6Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine in Split, University Hospital Split, Split, Croatia

Abstract: The ubiquitous distribution of vitamin D receptors in the human body is responsible for the pleiotropic effects of vitamin D-receptor activation. We discuss the possible beneficial effects of a selective activator of vitamin D receptor, paricalcitol, on the cardiovascular system in chronic heart failure patients and chronic kidney patients, in light of new trials. Paricalcitol should provide additional clinical benefits over the standard treatment for chronic kidney and heart failure, especially in cases of cardiorenal syndrome.

Keywords: vitamin D deficiency, cardiovascular system, albuminuria, inflammation

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