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The anterior segment of the eye in diabetes

Authors Adeoti CO, Isawumi MA, Ashaye AO, Olomola BV

Published Date May 2012 Volume 2012:6 Pages 667—671


Received 13 October 2011, Accepted 11 December 2011, Published 7 May 2012

CO Adeoti1, MA Isawumi1, AO Ashaye2, BV Olomola1

1Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Nigeria; 2Ophthalmology Department, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria

Purpose: A prospective study to examine the anterior segment of the eye in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Materials and methods: The anterior segments of the eyes of 181 patients with diabetes mellitus were examined. The commonest finding in the lids was warts, followed by poliosis and chalazia, and, in the conjunctiva, tortuous conjunctival vessels inferiorly (36.50%), pterygium (14.92%), and pingueculum (14.37%). Corneal sensitivity was reduced in 25 (13.80%) patients. Iris atrophy was the commonest finding in the iris. Dilatation of the pupil was delayed in 34 (18.79%) patients. Cataract was found in 119 (65.75%) patients. Forty-one (22.65%) patients had intraocular pressure greater than 21 mmHg. Seven (3.87%) patients, four (2.21%) patients, and one (0.55%) patient had seventh, third, and fourth palsy, respectively. No patient had sixth nerve palsy.
Conclusion: Primary care physicians and other allied health care professionals who are first in contact with patients are enjoined to familiarize themselves with the anterior segment features of diabetes mellitus and take necessary action when they are detected.

Keywords: diabetes mellitus, eye, anterior segment

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