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Sustainable viticulture and winery practices in California: What is it, and do customers care?

Case report

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Authors: Gary Zucca, David E Smith, Darryl J Mitry

Published Date June 2009 Volume 2009:1 Pages 189 - 194

Gary Zucca1,2, David E Smith3,4, Darryl J Mitry5,6

1National University, Stockton, CA, USA; 2Owner and Winemaker, Zucca Mountain Vineyards, Vallecito, CA, USA; 3National University, Costa Mesa, CA, USA; 4Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark; 5Graduate School Faculty, Norwich University, Northfield, VT, USA; 6National University, San Diego, CA, USA

Abstract: Producers in the wine industry are increasingly competing in the area of product differentiation. The focus of this article is product differentiation via sustainable viticulture and consumer perception. The authors report on their independent research, assess previous findings in the literature, and examine the industry trends. The study concludes with important observations on wine consumer perceptions of sustainable practices in the wine industry and implications for industry practices and product development.

Keywords: California, biologique, organic, biodynamic, sustainable

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