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Intravenous magnetic nanoparticle cancer hyperthermia

Authors Huang HS, Hainfeld JF

Published Date July 2013 Volume 2013:8(1) Pages 2521—2532


Received 7 February 2013, Accepted 22 March 2013, Published 17 July 2013

Video abstract presented by HS Huang and JF Hainfeld.

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Hui S Huang, James F Hainfeld

Nanoprobes, Yaphank, NY, USA

Abstract: Magnetic nanoparticles heated by an alternating magnetic field could be used to treat cancers, either alone or in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. However, direct intratumoral injections suffer from tumor incongruence and invasiveness, typically leaving undertreated regions, which lead to cancer regrowth. Intravenous injection more faithfully loads tumors, but, so far, it has been difficult achieving the necessary concentration in tumors before systemic toxicity occurs. Here, we describe use of a magnetic nanoparticle that, with a well-tolerated intravenous dose, achieved a tumor concentration of 1.9 mg Fe/g tumor in a subcutaneous squamous cell carcinoma mouse model, with a tumor to non-tumor ratio > 16. With an applied field of 38 kA/m at 980 kHz, tumors could be heated to 60°C in 2 minutes, durably ablating them with millimeter (mm) precision, leaving surrounding tissue intact.

Keywords: magnetic nanoparticles, hyperthermia, cancer, alternating magnetic field, intravenous delivery

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